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Dr. Nicole Djakow-Fransko ("Dr. Nicole" as her patients call her), is a licensed psychologist in the state of NJ. She earned her first

master’s degree (M.A.) from Rowan University in Mental Health Counseling and Applied Psychology, and her second master’s

degree (M.S.) in Clinical Psychology from Chestnut Hill College. Chestnut Hill College is also where she obtained her doctorate in

Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.).

Dr. Nicole has worked in a variety of settings including forensic, trauma, outpatient, hospital-based intensive outpatient, hospital- based partial care, integrated behavioral healthcare, substance abuse, schools, and telehealth. She has experience in both individual and group therapy, as well as conducting risk of sexual and non-sexual violence, and survivor-of-abuse evaluations. Dr. Nicole has worked with children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples, and has witnessed first-hand the transformative power of psychotherapy. Many individuals seeking therapy services report feeling “broken” or “damaged,” which often serve to keep them stuck in unhealthy behavior patterns. Dr. Nicole seeks to help patients feel more restored and see their intrinsic worth and value as a human being and step away from potential victim mentalities.

Dr. Nicole's style can be characterized as warm, engaging, empowering, direct, inquisitive, and collaborative. Dr. Nicole believes in capitalizing upon patients’ existing strengths and works diligently to understand their internal worlds to best assist them in finding effective, individual strategies to implement in the “real” world. Dr. Nicole strongly encourages patients to be goal-minded in their therapy journey and believes reflection in between sessions is a great predictor of therapeutic progress.

The therapy space Dr. Nicole strives to create is one of safety, reflection, and growth. She utilizes a non-judgmental approach in hopes that the shame that frequently enters the therapy process can be addressed and met with kindness and grace towards oneself, much like one might have when conversing with a friend or loved one.

Currently, Dr. Nicole is seeing patients via telehealth through a HIPPA-compliant platform.

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